A note to strangers. . So you were out "surfing" the net when you stumbled across this site and ended up on this page. Are you sitting in your home at 2am, is it dark and lonely, do you feel strange getting this small glimpse into my life in such a distant and anonymous way? Do you feel for my life or the lives of my friends. How does it compare with your own. Could this entire site simply be an imaginative fabrication. Do I exist, is any of this real? There is no way of knowing, it's just a collection of text and graphics files on some remote server. Names, email addresses, photos and stories could all be false or stolen. Does it matter, is the truth really out there?

Hello friends, relatives and the curious. Welcome to the Saratoga at a Glance page. You might be wondering where all the information about Saratoga NY can be found, well, nowhere on this page at present. Part of the reason is this page is still under construction and part of the reason being the only things really worth knowing about Saratoga are things about me. In fact I will go so far as to say for all intents and purposes..I am Saratoga NY, to know me, is to know Saratoga. I realize there is not a wealth of information about myself either, which might lead one to believe that there is but a very little to know about myself or the town of Saratoga…one would be correct on both counts. Actually the reason the page is called "Saratoga at a Glance" is because as egotistical as I can be it would still be a bit much to call the page "Johnny Branson at a Glance". Truthfully I don't really want people glancing at me all that often. I'm not comfortable with close examination either so I can't call the page "Johnny under a Microscope" or "Everything you wanted to know about Johnny but were afraid to ask". Probably the most appropriate name for the page would be "Only what Johnny wants you to know" or "Just the things of which Johnny is proud" or "I'm just doing this to make my friends laugh" or "Look at what I make and get out your Wallet" (which I can't do or this would be a commercial site which would cost a lot (I think)). OK, on to other stuff.

Coming Soon. Or already here.

A pictorial history of a 68 Pontiac GTO, a car that I have had since High School. This will be of little interest to most of my friends, it is included so search engines will link to this site for people searching for information on this type of car. It's one of my hobbies and being a member of the GTOAA and COVA I feel obligated.

Weirdo of the Week (WOW) - Well, it probably won't be updated on a weekly basis, but the idea is to describe the strangest person or event that occurred within recent memory at Desperate Annies. DA's being the Tavern at which I have held forth for the last seventeen years or so. Hopefully this section will occasionally include photos of said person or event. This tidbit can be found in the "Local News" area.

The Quake Clan Page. For those of my friends and myself who are forming a Quake Battle Clan this is a prerequisite for official recognition of our Clan, which is yet to be named.

More of the stuff that I make. I will, over the next few months, be adding more items to the "Stuff that I make" pages.

Gossip about Saratoga. Yes I will actually be adding information about the town of Saratoga, or more accurately, some of it's inhabitants. So if you want to know what crazy things Rock has done lately, or who got in a fight, or who got divorced, married, etc etc. this would be the place to go.

Submissions Page. A place for messages of import or otherwise from my friends to their friends or other of my friends or to the entire circle of acquaintances.

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Note: Please, if something is amiss on this page, links, spelling etc. please send me mail describing the error.