This page is for those of my friends who are out of town and want to know what's happening at Annie's and around town. JB Sundog, Sarge, Ed L. etc. And now my parents too.

You know I'd like to report some kind of big news ....but the fact is not much has happened. They are still building more and more....another new high rise hotel going in, more condos, more retail. It's always crowded downtown. Still, nothing of great import seems to be happening, not anything that would be a concern to the DA's crowd anyway.

The eight annual DA's New Years Eve party is a go though. So those few of you that have invites have fun. It's becoming a rather exclusive event.


DA's goes Wireless
Yes you heard right, Desperate Annie's now has cutting edge broadband wireless for customer use...bring your laptop and do whatever it is you do with it while enjoying the air-conditioning and refreshments.

No less than three independent films have been made in Saratoga over the last year...don't ask the me the names of the movies or who the actors were....they were independent films after all.

Caroline St. has gone insane. Even in normally slow times the street is packed with hundreds of people roaming the area until 4am. I predict big trouble on the street this summer. The drinkers seem to have taken a turn for the worse, violence and bizarre behavior seems to be the norm. I think we'll see a riot this summer...not kidding. The vast majority of the patrons are still great people, but the street seems to be attracting a larger number of irresponsible types. And, several new bars are running their business with less than good judgment.
Traffic in town is hard to believe, expect a 20 min drive down Broadway at noon on a weekday, parking is a total disaster. While the town still looks great, it's suffering some terrible growing pains.

Endless Building
I've mentioned it in passing before...and I'll mention it again. Saratoga is still in the grip of a building craze, even more high end (at least for Saratoga) condo high rises  (high rise for Saratoga) are being built, a big batch on Broadway and another a couple of blocks off Broadway. Two more major hotels are going up as I speak, one including a complete business park with more condos. They are still managing to jam a few more stores into the Wilton shopping Mecca... I didn't think it was possible but they found the room. Land and homes are selling as fast as you can build them or find them. I'm not exaggerating either, you wouldn't recognize the place if you've been away five years.
(UPDATE) It's still happening! It's gotten scary now, new condo units on Broadway selling for 7 figures, condo units off Broadway by the dozens selling for $400k to 1 million. Multilevel parking going up, everything unsightly built in the 1930-50's looks like it's getting torn down to make room for the new.

Web Cam of new Adirondack Trust Bank building going up.
This is in the location where the old "Hub" bar used to be located.

Saratoga Rumors:
Bill Parcel's is supposedly moving to the area, building a summer home on Saratoga Lake so he can play the horses in August. Yet another hotel going up one block east of the Police Station on Lake Ave.....that makes about a dozen major hotels in town now.


Annies gets, has,  a site.
I hear DA's is getting it's own web site, still in the construction phase right now but I think something is up at:  
I'm sure it will include artistic creations from yours truly..eventually.

Hangin with the wrong crowd?
Rick sends along this most interesting link, check here to see if your friends are, or have been in prison in NY State. Prizes for people who have three or more friends in jail.


we got a shot